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Merged revisions 2117-2120 via svnmerge from

r2119 | garyo | 2007-07-11 08:53:36 -0500 (Wed, 11 Jul 2007) | 1 line

Fixed minor cut/paste doc error
r2120 | stevenknight | 2007-07-11 12:42:50 -0500 (Wed, 11 Jul 2007) | 4 lines

Simplify the {Add,Get,Set}Option() implementations, and initialize the
OptionsParser variable with a do-nothing class, in case it's used
by test scripts without normal SCons.Script.Main initialization.

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-      Other values that equate to &true; include
+      Other values that equate to &false; include


-      Other values that equate to &true; include
+      Other values that equate to &false; include


 num_jobs = None
 delayed_warnings = []
-OptionsParser = None
+class FakeOptionParser:
+    """
+    A do-nothing option parser, used for the initial OptionsParser variable.
+    During normal SCons operation, the OptionsParser is created right
+    away by the main() function.  Certain tests scripts however, can
+    introspect on different Tool modules, the initialization of which
+    can try to add a new, local option to an otherwise uninitialized
+    OptionsParser object.  This allows that introspection to happen
+    without blowing up.
+    """
+    class FakeOptionValues:
+        def __getattr__(self, attr):
+            return None
+    values = FakeOptionValues()
+    def add_local_option(self, *args, **kw):
+        pass
+OptionsParser = FakeOptionParser()
 def AddOption(*args, **kw):
     if not kw.has_key('default'):
         kw['default'] = None
     result = apply(OptionsParser.add_local_option, args, kw)
     return result
+def GetOption(name):
+    return getattr(OptionsParser.values, name)
+def SetOption(name, value):
+    return OptionsParser.values.set_option(name, value)
 class Stats:
     def __init__(self):


     def GetOption(self, name):
         name = self.subst(name)
-        return getattr(SCons.Script.Main.OptionsParser.values, name)
+        return SCons.Script.Main.GetOption(name)
     def Help(self, text):
         text = self.subst(text, raw=1)
     def SetOption(self, name, value):
         name = self.subst(name)
-        SCons.Script.Main.OptionsParser.values.set_option(name, value)
+        SCons.Script.Main.SetOption(name, value)


 QuestionTask            = Main.QuestionTask
 #PrintHelp               = Main.PrintHelp
 #SConscriptSettableOptions = Main.SConscriptSettableOptions
 AddOption               = Main.AddOption
+GetOption               = Main.GetOption
+SetOption               = Main.SetOption
 #keep_going_on_error     = Main.keep_going_on_error
 #print_dtree             = Main.print_dtree
-    'GetOption',
     #'SConscript', is handled separately, below.
-    'SetOption',
     # Methods from the Environment.Base class.
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