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update the scons command in running without installing

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 You can execute the local SCons directly from the src/ subdirectory by first
 setting the SCONS_LIB_DIR environment variable to the local src/engine
 subdirectory, and then executing the local src/script/ script to
-populate the build/scons/ subdirectory.  You would do this as follows on a
-Linux or UNIX system (using sh or a derivative like bash or ksh)::
+populate the build/scons/ subdirectory.  This step can be avoided with you
+have an older version of scons installed. On a Linux or UNIX system 
+(using sh or a derivative like bash or ksh) you do this as follows::
         $ export MYSCONS=`pwd`/src
         $ export SCONS_LIB_DIR=$MYSCONS/engine
         C:\scons>set MYSCONS=%cd%\src
         C:\scons>set SCONS_LIB_DIR=%MYSCONS%\engine
-        C:\scons>python %MYSCONS%\script\ [arguments]
+        C:\scons>scons [arguments]
 An alternative approach is to skip the above and use::