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Warn during doc build if missing tools

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File bin/

   cd ..
   rm latest; ln -s $VERSION latest
   rm production; ln -s $VERSION production
+  for f in HTML PDF PS TEXT; do rm $f; ln -s $VERSION/$f $f; done
 echo '*****'
 echo '***** Now manually update index.php, includes/versions.php and news-raw.xhtml on'

File doc/SConscript

         tar_deps.extend([ps, text])
         tar_list.extend([ps, text])
+    else:
+        print "doc: WARNING: no groff, skipping text and PostScript versions of man pages"
     if man2html:
         html = os.path.join(build, 'HTML' , '%s-man.html' % man)
+    else:
+        print "doc: WARNING: no man2html, skipping HTML versions of man pages"
 if not epydoc_cli: