SCons_newglossary / bin / timebuild

# Profile running SCons to build itself from the current package.
# This runs "aegis -build" to build a current scons-src-*.tar.gz
# package, unpacks it in the supplied directory name, and then
# starts a profiled run of an SCons build, followed by another.
# This results in two profiles:
#       NAME/
#               profile of a build-everything run
#       NAME/
#               profile of an all-up-to-date run
# This also copies the build scons-src-*.tar.gz file to the NAME
# subdirectory, and tars up everything under src/ as NAME/src.tar.gz,
# so that repeated runs with different in-progress changes can serve
# as their own crude version control, so you don't lose that exact
# combination of features which performed best.

if test X$1 = X; then
    echo "Must supply name!" >&2
    exit 1




echo "Building ${B_D_SRC_TAR_GZ}: " `date`
aegis -build ${B_D_SRC_TAR_GZ}

echo "mkdir ${DIR}: " `date`
mkdir ${DIR}

echo "cp ${B_D_SRC_TAR_GZ} ${DIR}: " `date`
cp ${B_D_SRC_TAR_GZ} ${DIR}

echo "tar cf ${DIR}/src.tar.gz: " `date`
tar cf ${DIR}/src.tar.gz src

cd ${DIR}

echo "tar zxf ${SRC_TAR_GZ}: " `date`
tar zxf ${SRC_TAR_GZ}

cd ${SRC}


export SCONS_LIB_DIR=`pwd`/src/engine

echo "Build run starting: " `date`
python $SCRIPT --profile=../$ $ARGS > ../$DIR-0.log 2>&1

echo "Up-to-date run starting: " `date`
python $SCRIPT --profile=../$ $ARGS > ../$DIR-1.log 2>&1

echo "Finished $DIR at: " `date`
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