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anatoly techtonik  committed 773dba0

runtest.py: remove --noqmtest option

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File runtest.py

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 scons = None
 scons_exec = None
 outputfile = None
+qmtest = None
 testlistfile = None
 version = ''
 print_times = None
   -k, --no-progress           Suppress count and percent progress messages.
   -l, --list                  List available tests and exit.
   -n, --no-exec               No execute, just print command lines.
-  --noqmtest                  Execute tests directly, not using QMTest.
   --nopipefiles               Doesn't use the "file pipe" workaround for subprocess.Popen()
                               for starting tests. WARNING: Only use this when too much file
                               traffic is giving you trouble AND you can be sure that none of
                                 tar-gz        .tar.gz distribution
                                 zip           .zip distribution
   --passed                    Summarize which tests passed.
-  --qmtest                    Run using the QMTest harness.
+  --qmtest                    Run using the QMTest harness (deprecated).
   -q, --quiet                 Don't print the test being executed.
   -s, --short-progress        Short progress, prints only the command line
                               and a percentage value, based on the total and
                             ['baseline=', 'builddir=',
                              'debug', 'external', 'file=', 'help', 'no-progress',
-                             'list', 'no-exec', 'noqmtest', 'nopipefiles', 'output=',
+                             'list', 'no-exec', 'nopipefiles', 'output=',
                              'package=', 'passed', 'python=', 'qmtest',
                              'quiet', 'short-progress', 'time',
                              'version=', 'exec=',
         list_only = 1
     elif o in ['-n', '--no-exec']:
         execute_tests = None
-    elif o in ['--noqmtest']:
-        qmtest = None
     elif o in ['--nopipefiles']:
         allow_pipe_files = False
     elif o in ['-o', '--output']:
                     return f
         return None
-# See if --qmtest or --noqmtest specified
-    qmtest
-except NameError:
-    qmtest = None

File src/CHANGES.txt

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     - Error messages from option parser now include hints about valid choices
     - Cleaned up some Python 1.5 and pre-2.3 code, so don't expect SCons
       to run on anything less than Python 2.4 anymore
+    - runtest.py: Removed --noqmtest option - this behavior is by default.
   From Juan Lang:
     - Fix WiX Tool to use .wixobj rather than .wxiobj for compiler output