mangos-zero game content database

A content database for mangos-zero, and World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.12 - Drums of War. It is compatible with client 1.12.1 (build 5875), and 1.12.2 (build 6005).


mangos-zero database is released for free under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. The file must be a part of any redistributable packages made from this software. No licenses should be removed from this software if you are making redistributable copies.

Getting started

The repository has been split into folders for each of the mangos-zero databases. Each folder contains dumps for the structure of the database, without any content.

The script will initially load the database structure, and then load any update supplied in the _updates folder. Updates are kept small so that each update can be considered atomic since it will add a single feature or data unit, which fully works without any other updates. This allows us to gradually research, verify, and add the game's content to our database.

Once the import script is done, it will execute a optimization query, which tries to order every database table in a readable fashion.

Further documentation of this project can be found on the documentation. It covers both definitions of how we build and maintain this project, and also covers the format and meaning of each database table.

For those who have not yet encountered the mangos-zero database, we have added tutorials for common activities you might be interested in.

If anything is missing, submit an issue, and we will add it.


The mangos-zero database is compatible with mangos-zero. It also requires scripts in order to be fully enjoyable.


By default mangos-zero uses four databases:

  • character: where all character data is stored,
  • realm: where user accounts, and realms are defined,
  • world: where the world with creatures, items, objects, quests, etc. is defined,
  • script: and the ScriptDev2 database.

In order to use this database repository, you will have to edit mysql_info, and edit in the desired user name, host name, and password.

Once you have the desired database user and rights configured in MySQL, you may use the mysql_import script to load the individual data tables into your databases. Should your database user have wild-card rights, the script creates the database - if not existent - and then populates them.

Configuring you realm list

Connect to your MySQL server and execute the following command on the realm list database:

    `address` = ''
    `realmlist`.`id` = 1;

Please replace with your local/public IP address, and make sure that you configured the same IP address in your mangos configuration!


The basic principle behind this customized database repository is to keep the databases stored as individual tables, and all content rows stored as single lines to make changes more trackable for the user (that would be you).

The repository is developed and maintained using the excellent git-flow extension for git, to provide a clear, and visible workflow to the user.

The develop branch is where the development of mangos-zero database is done. Any of the commits submitted here may or may not become part of the next release.

It is recommended to use the master branch for stable systems, and only use the develop branch if you intend to test commits and submit issues and/or reports.

Note: you can also make use of tagged release versions, which in general are considered stable.