This is official documentation repository for mangos-zero, a GPL licensed server for World of Warcraft version 1.12.x (also known as vanilla WoW).

The rendered version of this documentation is hosted by Read The Docs, and available on

Documentation is based on reStructuredText and enhanced with Sphinx-specific markup, and processed by Sphinx to render various target formats such as HTML or PDF.


To build the HTML version of the mangos-zero documentation, execute

make html

in your clone of the documentation repository. Generated documentation will be stored in _build/html.

A build requires only a few seconds to finish.

To clean up the build directory execute

make clean


Aside from a decent text editor supporting text markup such as Sublime Text, you will need a local installation of Sphinx.


The mangos-zero documentation is hosted on BitBucket. Fork it, and check out our issue tracker, where we keep track of the documentation project.

Of course you can just browse the source files, and just edit as you like, too.


mangos-zero documentation is copyright of the respective authors and is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license, except where explicitly stated otherwise.

See for further details, and the meaning of the license.