mangos-zero scripts

mangos-zero scripts are an Open Source GPL version 2 licensed
library for the mangos-zero server, providing unique scripts for
creatures, game objects, events and other game data which requires special
attention and can not be recreated by database.

Supporting the project

If you like mangos-zero scripts and want to support the project, there are
various options:

  • testing and reporting issues: if you use mangos-zero, please report issues
    you find for the scripts.
  • submit fixes: any help is welcome! It does not matter if its' proof reading
    and fixing messages printed by the server, or if you produce documentation
    or code. As long as you have fun, be an active part of the project!


Documentation is available at, and is
updated on regular basis with the latest changes


To install mangos-zero on various target platforms, please checkout our
updated installation documentation.


All information about contributing to mangos-zero can be found in our
documentation for contributors.

Bug Tracking

mangos-zero scripts uses the BitBucket issue tracker.
If you have found bugs, please create an issue.


mangos-zero scripts are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2.