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I am a first time user here. I downloaded the code (v0.10), compiled it with CMake and VS2015 with ticks on BLENDER, BUILD_STATIC, all CONFIGURATION_TYPEs, DEBUG, DEBUG_WITH_PYTHON_RELEASE, GUI, NUMPY, OPENMP, PREPDEBUG and QT5.8.

After building a release version, I run At frame 44, I got: Aborting: Grid vel dim [64,64,1] : index 24,64,0 out of bound Error raised in Directory\code\manta\manta_0_11\pp\source\grid.h:624 QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread

This seems to happen even when I change the bWidth from 1 to other numbers. It looks like a simple issue but I still wanna raise it here.

Also, there seems to be problems with existing the program too. I disabled the source so that the simulation can run fully to a normal exit point, but it reported:

Script finished. Aborting: can't clean grid cache, some grids are still in use Error raised in Directory/manta/manta_0_11/source/fluidsolver.cpp:28

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  1. thunil

    Hello, thanks for testing and for letting us know - I have to admit that I can't reproduce the crashes for different bWidth values. Actually, you dont need the BLENDER and BUILD_STATIC cmake options to build a standalone mantaflow version.

    Btw., what did you change for your second point? For debugging, I'd recommend running without a UI, and ideally without OpenMP.

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