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Pylons based replacement for hgwebdir. Fully customizable, with authentication, permissions. Based on vcs library. - has it's own middleware to handle mercurial protocol request each request can

be logged and authenticated +threaded performance unlikely to hgweb
  • mako templates let's you cusmotize look and feel of appplication.
  • diffs annotations and source code all colored by pygments.
  • admin interface for performing user/permission managments as well as repository managment
  • added cache with invalidation on push/repo managment for high performance and always upto date data.
  • rss /atom feed customizable
  • future support for git
  • based on pylons 1.0 / sqlalchemy 0.6

=== This software is still in beta mode. I don't guarantee that it'll work. I started this project since i was tired of sad looks, and zero controll over our company regular hgwebdir.