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Adopted changes suggested in issue #2.

Also, now using a relaunch icon made by freepik from Flaticon. It is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.


Here is a basic working version of a quick plugin I threw together. It allows me to stop the running application (within Eclipse) and immediately relaunches it.

I am by far not at all an expert of Eclipse plugin. So, if you do find this plugin useful, and you have any expertise in this area, do consider yourself invited to help beef up (no offence to vegetarians) this plugin.


Boon Hian Tek

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the compiled plugin from here.
  2. Extract the .jar to your eclipse/dropins directory.
  3. Restart Eclipse.
  4. A new Keybinding, Relaunch Command, will be available under Preferences > General > Keys