Issue #104 wontfix
Jens Westemeier created an issue

My model of viewing maps is from top to bottom. So making the top map transparent, I start seeing the map below. This also is the way to deal with multiple layers in Gimp. Te order in QMapShack is the other way round, which reduces the usability.

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  1. kiozen

    It's not a bug just because you think this has to be the other way around. For me it's much more logical the way it is.

    1. The list is drawn top to bottom. Imho this is the agreed way to work with list in the Western world.

    2. Pulling the map down the list is like pulling down the maps on the ceiling of a class room.

  2. Jens Westemeier reporter

    Thanks for the quick response. Living in the western world, I also look from top But I don't look to the stack from an implementers point of view (which layer is drawn when) but from the users perspective (what is seen first, what is behind). This is also the order of other tools dealing with layered images like Gimp, Photoshop, ... Since I know the order now, I can live with it, I only wanted to contribute to a better and more intuitive usability for new users.

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