TMS maps are rendered a bit fuzzy

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Max Sydorenko created an issue

I recently switched from QLGT and noticed, that same TMS maps (OCL, for example) at the same scale have slightly different appearence in QMS. Even at maximum opacity settings rendering in QMS seems to lack sharpness. Is this a known bug/feature/quirk? Also, there is some problem with mouse pointer rendering on top of the maps.

Since it is related to rendering, my config: Arch linux, Qt 5.6.0, KWin as a compositor, Intel gpu, xf86-video-intel version 1:2.99.917+645+g88733a7-1, mesa 11.2.2

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  1. kiozen

    This is because of the different scaling. You are using a logarithmic scale in QMapShack, therefore the tiles have to be resampled making them a bit fuzzy. You can switch to a square scale: View->Setup Map View->Square.

    Does that solve the issue?

  2. Max Sydorenko reporter

    No, that is not the reason, I have square scale in the settings already and screenshots were taken with square scale also.

  3. kiozen

    Set the projection to "World Mercartor (OSM)". Press the projection wizard button in the same dialog.

  4. Max Sydorenko reporter

    Yes, that was the reason. Thank you for help, sorry that I have not figured out such a trivial reason myself. Also, can you please give me some comment on shadow near the mouse pointer when it is above the map in QMS? (See my screenshots again) Is it a known problem or I should file a new bugreport for it?

  5. kiozen

    Imho this is a bug in Arch Linux. The cursor *.png has a semi-transparent shadow. For what ever reason you system is not able to handle an alpha channel other than 0 or 255.

  6. kiozen

    This because only in the map area QMS uses a custom mouse cursor. Everywhere else it is the system cursor.

    As this error does not occur on any Linux box I know, nor on Windows or OS X, I would suspect it to be a problem of your system.

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