Waypoint titles not editable

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I use QMapShack 1.6.1 on Windoze 10
When I click "edit details" I can change the contents of different sections (description, ...) but I can't change the Waypoint name by clicking on it...
it should be clickable as well, since it's also blue & underlined as all the other fields.


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  1. kiozen

    It is editable. Just click on the name and start typing. You can place the cursor or select the complete name for removal by the usual key combinations.

    Try it and report if the problem still persists.

  2. Michael Kropfberger

    I use win10, and the title is definitively not clickable/editable.
    If I click on the position/coordinates, immediately a window pops up for editing.
    but not for the waypoint title. also the mousepointer does not change when I hover over the title.


  3. kiozen

    There won't be a dialog to edit the name. A click on the text will simply place the cursor in the text, ready to edit.

  4. Michael Kropfberger

    I'm really sorry for that... you are right. I tried on Win10 and Win7 and it works just by clicking into it...
    It was just an unexpected GUI behaviour...
    ...closing the ticket...

  5. Michael Kropfberger

    cant close since I created it without account... it's not mine.
    please just close it.

  6. Rainer Unseld

    It is the same for track and route names. It took me some time to find out how to edit the name of a track. Items that can be edited inline are displayed in the same way as items which open a dialogue: underlined blue which usually indicates a clickable link. While this is ok for labels that open a window it is misleading for inline editable texts. If you click on such a text it gets selected, white on dark background, but nothing indicates that you are in edit mode as long as you don't hit a key or click a second time. It would be better to display inline editable text in a different way than "links" to dialogues, for example black on white with a frame around it, and to show the cursor the first click.

    BTW, in the project edit window a click on the project name opens a dialogue window.

  7. Michael Kropfberger

    Hi Rainer,
    yes, I figured that out now as well :)
    and I agree, it should always look like in project edit window, where a dialogue box opens up for editing.
    Another benefit for dialogue boxes is that you may time crap and are able to exit gracefully or hit ESC... the direct editing feature is final, so there is no escape back... you will have to re-type the other text again...

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