Planetsplitter needs to be updated to 3.x

Issue #153 resolved
bolt wizard created an issue

The Planetsplitter version that is part of QMS fails to compile actual pbf files to to the size of node_t (32 bit).

I noticed that for Linux V. 1.62 and MAC OS X 1.63.

Using planetsplitter from V3.1 of the routine package fixes the problem

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  1. Ivo Kronenberg

    I checked the lasted version of QMapShack (1.6.3) and the included version of routino and planetsplitter is 3.0+, see attached images.



    Which version of QMapShack do you have in use?

  2. kiozen

    There is already Routino 3.1.1. Best you take the latest from current svn.

    And maybe updating GDAL to 2.x wouldn't hurt, too :)

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