"No activity" statistics column missing in diary

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Michel Durand created an issue

When tracks include sections where no activity is declared : mixOfBicycleAndNothing.png

Then a "no activity" column is missing in diary : noNoActivitySummary.png

"no activity" distance is around 748 meters here. This happens to me when reusing an existing real recorded track where activity is "bicycle", adding new segments to it (I do not care about adding activity on them), then merging everything.

QMS v1.7.2

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  1. kiozen

    I do not really see the sense in having gaps with no activity when you use activities. If you have gaps because you combined several track fragments, then reset all activities. It's just a button click "Enleverr....".

    And if you want to use activities it shouldn't be a problem to apply them without gaps. There is no such thing as no activity while recording a track.

  2. Michel Durand reporter

    Now I know that before assembling pieces of tracks I must first "clean" them by pressing "enlever". Then I get good statistics.

    I do not want tracks with "no activity" gaps. It happens by accident.

    But right now I have no way to detect those "wrong" tracks. With a "no activity" column I would know that activity information is missing on some tracks, or that some tracks contain gaps.

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