Feature Request: Live GPS Data (already in QLandkarteGT)

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QLandkarteGT had a feature called 'GPS Device' for live positioning. The following page describes the 'Live data methods': https://sourceforge.net/p/qlandkartegt/qlandkartegt/Live_Data_from_a_Garmin_GPS/

It would turn any PC into a navigation device. I couldn't find the same feature in QMapShack.

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  1. kiozen

    I do not see much sense in such a feature in the times of smartphones, tables, Locus Map or Oruxmap.

    But you are welcome to donate code. As a first step you have to create a new draw context similar to CGisDraw. As a second step you add a new dock widget with the tree widget similar to CGisWorkspace. The tree widget will hold device handler items. Such an item reads position data from a source, processes the data and displays the data.

  2. nokian reporter

    Sorry I'm not so much into programming from scratch. I hoped that we could reuse some code of QLandkarteGT without much effort.

    You are right there has to be a demand for this feature. You mentioned Locus & Oruxmaps. Both are nice smartphone applications but that means they are tied to Android and iOS. If people wanna use a bigger screen (in cars or planes) they have to buy a tablet running Android or iOS. Nevertheless for planning they (want to) use their laptops.

    If QMS supports live navigation some people could use laptops for planning and navigation without having to copy data back and forth and configuring multiple devices.

  3. kiozen

    There won't be much reuse of old QLGT code. QMapShack is a total different thing and I highly recommend to question the ways stuff was done in QLGT.

    Regarding the demand: If there are some users that really need that feature they have to take care to code and integrate it. It's surely nice to save a few bugs on a tablet but if you take the time and effort it takes to implement stuff in an existing application most users will love to fallback to the tablet.

    If there is someone doing the work I will support it of course. But I will not spend days on a feature I have dedicated devices for that do the job perfectly.

  4. nokian reporter

    @Helmut Schmidt good idea, but why would you forward /dev/xxxxx to TCP when GPSD has a telnet server on port '2947'? GPSD is already forwarding the NMEA for us. The problem is that QMapShack doesn't understand the messages yet.

  5. Helmut Schmidt

    @nokian Is gpsd really forwarding NMEA data to TCP port 2947? From my understanding, ( http://www.catb.org/gpsd/troubleshooting.html#telnet or http://www.armadeus.org/wiki/index.php?title=GPS_daemon#Manual_access), gpsd is offering it's proprietary protocol at port 2947, but not NMEA.

    I like the current solution because it is flexible and will work also on systems where gpsd is not available. Such as windows.

    Also QLandkarteGT offered aninterface to read NMEA. Your wish was to get this for QMS. @kiozen provided it. You got it. Now you want gpsd which is something completely different than your original request. I don't understand you. Have a good day.

    BTW: thanks @kiozen! I like this approach ;-).

  6. nokian reporter

    You are right it's not NMEA. I never asked for a NMEA interface but for a way to use gps positioning without a phone. The current solution forces users to use multiple devices. However @kiozen did a great job providing the interface. Thank you.

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