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Fernando Dominguez created an issue

Hi, everyone.

I miss the option that the QMS choose the best map (If i have it in the BD) and activate it with right-click on the map window.
I have this problem because the IGN service in Spain calls the maps with a number and it's difficult to remember what map fits with the desired area.

I think that I would be a good idea to draw the frames of the offline maps you have

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  1. kiozen

    It's always hard to determine what map is best. I have multiple maps for an area. What is the best? They have different sources, different quality and each serves a different purpose. That is hard to convert into a general algorithm.

    But I wonder why you have organize your maps by the original cryptic filenames? This is inconvenient. Can't you combine them all in a single .vrt file? Or at least give the .vrt file a meaningful name?

  2. Fernando Dominguez reporter

    Hi, Kiozen.

    I think i didn't explain properly. I have only one map for tile map.
    My problem is to remember the number to active it.

    I'll try creating a .vrt file, but in this case, it would be possilbe to write the XML item "Description" at creation with QMS? And also showing that property when the pointer is over the file (or right click).

    Otherwise, the name of the file should be too long.

    Anyway, I'll try using the .vrt file.

    Thanks for your help

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