Strange window behavior when changing waypoint icons

Issue #340 resolved
wthaemelt created an issue
  • Take a project saved in a database with ~100 waypoints and open it in the workspace.
  • Select all waypoints in the workspace.
  • Click Change icon .. in the context menu.
  • A progress window with the title "Please wait..." appears which can be seen for quite a while and which shows a "nervous" behavior (proper content of the window can't be seen, too many refreshs of the window or window opened and closed again and again? Map background can be temporarily seen through the progress window. Progress bar of the window more or less not visible.).

This doesn't happen, if the waypoints are selected from a project saved in a GPX file. With the same number of waypoints the icons are changed more or less immediately and without having/seeing a progress window.

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  1. kiozen

    I can confirm that. But there is no easy solution. It's a bit tricky as these bulk operations have been hacked over the single operation functions. And these single operation functions change all visualization of an item at once the moment an item's property is changed. Especially synchronizing the database tree with the workspace is done via events and is quite slow.

    I will keep on thinking of a better solution. But that won't have results any time soon.

  2. wthaemelt reporter

    Tested it with 300 waypoints in one project loaded from database. Icon change took a few seconds - no visible/visual problems. The same is true, if the waypoints are within a GPX project. Thank you!

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