QMS hangs when opening GPX file with invalid points

Issue #371 resolved
wthaemelt created an issue

QMS patch version 561740eedf30 and 2a68eb91f18f, too. Windows10, MS VC 2013.

Started QMS from the command line:

>qmapshack.exe InvalidTimeEle.gpx

The GPX file has tracks with invalid points. Therefore, the window shown in the attached image pops-up. After that QMS hangs. No further action possible in QMS.

Trying to get more info from debugging a RelWithDebInfo version failed because some Windows DLL's don't have debugging info. Thus, no call stack or other debugging info available.

The debugger shows that dlg.exec(); at the very end of CGisItemTrk.cpp doesn't return.

Starting QMS again after killing the previous run results in the same hang. Deleting workspace.db allows to restart QMS.

QMS doesn't hang if the GPX file is dragged and dropped to the workspace. But closing and restarting QMS results again to the described problem.

The attached GPX file is the one causing trouble.

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