Filter "Change Speed" Lacks Start Button

Issue #395 resolved
robhubi created an issue

In the standard view, there is no wheel icon visible. Screenshot1:
It becomes visible in full-screen mode. Screenshot2:

This was not so intuitive ;-)
My system:
QmapShack V 1.12.0
Win7 64 Pro

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  1. kiozen

    This is bug related to Windows. This is how the dialog scales on Linux:


    The text will be reduced rather than any GUI object will leave the frame. But as none of the Windows users volunteer to debug and solve these bugs that seem to pop up lately the chances to get it fixed are zero.

    But of course you can always use the splitter to enlarge the tab widget


  2. wthaemelt

    kiozen: you are absolutely right with your comments. Here are my observations:

    • Issue came into existence after the insertion of a vertical splitter between the left track property part and the right filter part in the lower part of the track edit window or with the long horizontal size of the latest speed change filters.
    • All filters have the same issue: when increasing the horizontal size of the track property part the wheel in the filter disappears sooner or later depending on the size of the text in the filter. The longer the text (or the length of other widget elements like comboboxes) the earlier disappears the wheel.
    • If the initial size of the track property part when opening QMS is too large, then the first wheel that is not visible is the one for the speed change filter (here the comboboxes need quite a lot of space).
    • With my screen size and QMS window layout reducing the size of the track property part is the remedy. The wheels re-appear.

    Are there any hints which QtDesigner parameters could be involved in the strange window behavior? I could try to play a bit with these parameters.

  3. wthaemelt

    I played a bit with various settings for the text in the label fields of the filters and didn't find a solution to the issue. I never got the Linux cut text style on Windows.

    The critical filter is the "Change speed" one with very large horizontal arrangements. A solution to this issue could be to rearrange the comboboxes in the cycling and hiking parts of this filter vertically instead of horizontally in such a way that the filters don't use more horizontal space than the texts in the other filters.

    Could this be a feasible solution for the issue?

  4. kiozen

    It's a Qt5.11 vs Qt.less_than_11 problem. I can reproduce it on my development system at home. It's Qt5.11 and the one of my working laptop is Qt5.9.

    Maybe I find a solution, to stop the tree widget to shrink more than the minimum horizontal size of the filter widgets.

    But never the less if you have a good idea to reduce the horizontal size of the speed dialog it's always welcome.

  5. wthaemelt

    Looks good. There is a tiny problem when not using the fullscreen but the window version - see attached file. In the fullscreen layout all wheels are ok.


  6. kiozen

    I can't reproduce in Linux. I even tried Windows style (on Linux)


    If it would be the size of the scrollbar missing I would say that's it. But this does not seem to be caused by any element offsetting th width (Note: The indentation of the items has to be taken into account and is taken into account)

  7. wthaemelt

    It is the vertical scrollbar in the filter part! Making the lower part higher, the vertical scrollbar disappears and everything is fine again. Making the lower part smaller, the vertical scrollbar appears again and it covers a little bit the wheel. I think your solution is quite ok!

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