Translation fails (/IFilterZeroSpeedDriftCleaner.ui)

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wthaemelt created an issue

The language file qmapshack_ru.ts has the following translation rule:

        <location filename="../gis/trk/filter/IFilterZeroSpeedDriftCleaner.ui" line="70"/>
        <translation> м</translation>    <=================== unit is cyrillic!

As can be seen in the attached image MissingTranslation.jpg the unit when shown in the filter is the Latin "m" and not the cyrillic one. The QtLinguist translation preview is correct (see CorrectTranslation.jpg).

How to avoid this difference?

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  1. kiozen

    This is just a placeholder. The real suffix is provided by IUnit::baseunit which is not subject to translation.

  2. wthaemelt reporter

    Thanks for the explanation and not much of a problem. Would it be possible to remove this item in IFilterZeroSpeedDriftCleaner.ui from the translations?

  3. kiozen

    This is the practice for all other dialogues, too. I am not too keen to change it everywhere. This is just a placeholder for the suffix.

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