Re-establish previous position of main window when restarting QMS (Windows10)

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OS: Windows 10

Issue: Close running QMS (window not maximized) and restart QMS. The new main window appears with the previous size but not at the previous position.

Starting QMS again and again the position of the main window seems to move by a certain constant distance.

A maximized window re-appears in maximized form.

This issue couldn't be identified with QMS on a virtual Ubuntu machine.

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  1. wthaemelt reporter

    Couldn't this be part of the (internal) QMS settings? Save position when shutting down QMS, reload saved position at next start and position main window accordingly? Otherwise, the first QMS user action (at least in my case) is to move the main window to the preferred position.

  2. kiozen

    QMS is storing and restoring the application main widget's geometry and state already. Up to my knowledge this is all Qt can do and it's already done by Qt OS dependent.

    Application widget placement is kind of a magic done by the window manager and there are different strategies like using the last known position or moving the widgets to space available. Interfering with this magic has some risks ending up with an application widget outside the viewport or covering up some important content. That's why you usually shouldn't mess with it.

  3. wthaemelt reporter

    Thanks for the explanation. My hope of a possible remedy came from my knowledge of the Qt(4) Python bindings where it is possible to open a GUI at a given and always the same position. Please close the issue. I myself work quite often with the maximized GUI and there everything is fine.

  4. kiozen

    Well technically it's possible. But it's imho a bad idea to fight against Window Manager policies. Usually this should be an option of the manager to place a windows always at the same spot (e.g. on KDE you can do)

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