OpenSky recording dead

Issue #432 resolved
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Activated OpenSky realtime application displays the moving aircrafts as expected. In the realtime window the "Last update" and "Aircrafts seen" remain empty and recording the track of a flight isn't possible anymore. The recording button is inactive. I'm sure it worked some time ago.

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  1. wthaemelt reporter

    Here are some more details and the situation seems to be a bit more complicated:

    • Windows 10 version

      • QMS commit 4179 (854a7d8e741b)
      • Realtime window closed at QMS start
      • Open realtime window

        • OpenSky source is the only active source. Nr. of aircraft is shown (yesterday this was missing, too), recording without any problem
        • Close/delete OpenSky
        • Open GPSTether without configured connection
        • Re-open OpenSky: record icon is gray, no. of aircraft not shown, plenty of aircraft seen moving.
        • Delete all data sources
        • Re-open only OpenSky: gray record icon, no no. of aircraft
        • Close QMS and restart
        • Everything fine again with OpenSky.
        • Add GPSTether: OpenSky still fine
        • Close OpenSky and re-open it: as before: gray record icon and no aircraft no.
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