Possibility to make only white polygons transparent

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pingurus created an issue

Maps are by default squared, but not all draw the whole area. So it sometimes occurs, that large white chunk of one map overlays an other map. Currently one can adjust the transparency of the whole map, but the readability of the map suffers. So my suggestion would be a checkbox that one can tick and then no white polygons are drawn, just like there is a checkbox right now that controls whether polygons are drawn at all. Woud this be feasible and solve the problem?

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  1. kiozen

    No. Because these background polygons are also shown within the map. Everywhere no other polygon is shown.

    The whole topic arises because the map generator used by OSM is not able to create real polygons along borders. It's always generating rectangular ones. For example older Garmin Maps that are readable by QMS do it right and you can display maps seamlessly. Some OSM maps like the Freizeitkarte try to compensate by offering plus maps that extend a few kilometres at the border.

  2. pingurus reporter

    I'm not sure if I get your point correctly. These white backgound polygons are in the map as well, as you say. But I don't see the problem in making these transparent, as one could make the canvas on which the maps are drawn white. (The canvas is yellowish by default now.) Then the transparent, originally white, polygons would be white again, but one could see wether there is something underneath or not.

    Or is your point, that you can't seperate the white from the non-white polygons?

  3. kiozen

    Users usually have several maps overlaid and will see the next map right in the middle of the Garmin map. Of course you can argue that a user disabling these polygons should know what they are doing. But I am sure this will lead to bug reports. And depending on the map it can look quite shitty.

    We had this discussion several times in the past (there might be even another Issue on the tracker - I can't recall). In the end this is a very unsatisfying hacky workaround for a deficiency in the maps. Imho it would be better to fix the maps but that's probably not gonna happen unless many users complain and do not accept the current workarounds.

    Additionally you can extract the typ file from the map and change the color of the white polygons to transparent. When done you can select in QMapShack the typ file to override the one stored in the img file. This is how other users tinker the Garmin maps to show polylines and some selected polygons like houses on a topographic or satellite map.

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