Lost timestamps & elevations when deleting trackpoints

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k-w.thaemelt created an issue

The attached track is part of a recorded track. The positions of the first trackpoints (the long straight line) are the result of a restart of the GPS device (it took a moment to get the precise position - quite a usual behavior of a GPS receiver). The track has nevertheless correct timestamps and elevations. Zoom in to the lower right end of the straight line to see the start of the proper track.

To correct the recorded data the straight line at the start of the track should be removed. The steps applied for doing so were

  • click track in map window
  • select edit icon in toolbar
  • select delete trackpoint icon in toolbar
  • switch of (re-)routing (select "O" icon)
  • remove start of straight line by repeatedly clicking on the startpoint of the straight line
  • save remaining track to new track

Surprisingly, the saved and shorter track doesn't have timestamps and elevations for the remaining original trackpoints anymore.

Should there be an additional track edit option of the form "Remove trackpoints without changing the remaining ones"?

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  1. kiozen

    Track edit mode is for artificial tracks only. For real recordings you have to select the range selection tool, or as in your case, the scissors are the best option. Simply cut off the first part with garbage data.

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