Strange behavior of realtime track

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wthaemelt created an issue

Recording a track with the realtine window (using the track replay approach described in the wiki page creates an animated black line as shown in the attached file RecordedLine.png.

This line matches the real track. Everything seems to be ok.

At the end of data transmissiom/recording this line was converted to a QMS track using the toolbar in the realtime window. The behavior of the obtained track is strange (compare image LineConverted2Track.png):

  • it ist somehow moved away from the recorded line
  • it is visible only, if it is selected in the workspace project (a snapshot if the track is not selected in the workspace would give RecordedLine.png. again)
  • it has strange opacity

Comments (5)

  1. kiozen

    I can't reproduce. Looks like a weird race condition between calculating and drawing the highlight overlay and the track layer. It should go away if you change zoom or similar.

  2. wthaemelt reporter

    Thanks for the hint. I'll have a close eye on it. Me too, I failed to reproduce with a small example what was described. At the moment when the snapshots were taken it was quite a stable picture.

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