Mega-fancy tour description - Ubuntu18 vs. Windows10

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My first and quick impression:

  • helpful enhancement, in particular the trackpoint handling.
  • works with Ubuntu quite intuitively and without noticed problems.
  • there seems to be refresh or other GUI problems with Windows10. Doing the same as with the Ubuntu version doesn't give the expected results (lists/summaries/... don't pop-up as expected or only by chance. Zooming the map window doesn't help)
  • it is difficult to see if a menu entry is selected or not,. Thus, it is hard to understand, if a summary/... should be there or not.

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  1. wthaemelt reporter

    Thanks for the hint. I've tried this earlier (and now again) - I can't see any layout difference (difference should be quite obvious from the Qt docu). Thus, use of other styles might need some additional Qt installation on my PC? My Qt is 5.12.1.

    One more observation (Windows!): Without one of the 2 forms of the track profile all the lists are hidden. As soon as one of the track profiles is visible, chances are good (maybe, they are even 100% - I don't know, yet) to see all the lists.

  2. kiozen

    Well, yes, the track information is just shown for a highlighted track. Simply selecting a track is not enough.

    For the styles: Check what files are needed for the themes and if they are in the Qt path of your system. Maybe the installer is missing stuff. However on a real Qt installation everything should be there.

  3. wthaemelt reporter

    Typical trial-and-error trap! Select vs. highlight was the decisive tip. Will try to make it clearer in the Wiki. Thanks for helping. Please close issue.

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