Add Stopped time and heighs in track info

Issue #453 closed
persep created an issue

when viewing the info of a track (via track - edit) it would be helpful if you could see the "Stopped Time". Right now it shows "Time Moving" and "Time Total" but not "Stopped Time".
And the Minimum and maximum Elevation would also be helpful.

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  1. kiozen

    I am not that happy about that request. Let me explain:

    Keep in mind that the track details dialog has significant impact on the minimum size of the complete application. That is a matter for small screens and it's already a problem for some screens.

    Stopped time:
    This can be easily derived by subtracting total and moving time in your head. Moving time is just a rough estimate based on the speed and that is based on the positions subject to quite some error. Therefore you don't have to do the calculation to the last minute.

    Min/Max Elevation:
    This can be read from the profile graph

    And if we would start with min/max elevation in the track info text other users would request all the other extrema of the properties over time. Depending on the extensions this list can get quite large. Besides you can get this information in the map view if you simply enable the min/max labels.

  2. persep reporter

    I thought having more info about a track would be better and I didn't know about the screen size problem.

    You can close it if you wish

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