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Currently, if you have a project folder in another project folder in your Database, you don't view the elements in the "lower" folder if you open the upper folder in the workspace.

Is there a specific reason behind it or is it just not implemented?

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  1. kiozen

    Yes there is a reason. Most of my projects have a recorded track and a sub-project with recorded tracks of other devices or the planned track. In either case I do not want to have these sub-projects loaded int the workspace together with the project.

  2. pingurus reporter

    Hmm, I see. What is the purpose of the orange folders? If there is none, what do you think of these purposes: call them overview folders When ticked, they load all the items in the folders one level below into the workspace

    Then you could have your use of nested folders with the default folders and this one with these special folders.

  3. kiozen

    Green and orange folders are pretty much the same. It's up to the user to attach mentally a special purpose to them.

    Recursing over sub-folders will be troublesome. Not only because expectations in what to load or not to load are different. Loading a project from the database is pretty complex. The database view communicates with the workspace view by events. To load a project the database view tells the workspace view what folder to open and which items to load. The workspace feeds back what it actually did load to update the check marks in the database view. This is not fast at all and the "he who dies with the most"-fraction will most likely complain that it is slow.

    Additionally the database tree is not loaded right from the beginning. It is build while you expand folders. If you click a folder with a complex complete substructure you have to derive that information from the database. Not the tree.

    And last folders can be sub-folders of several folders in the same branch. Don't get locked in an endless loop here.

    That was one motivation introducing the drop zones to collect items I want to see when I want to see everything (whatever that means)

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