BRouter setup issue (Windows)

Issue #477 resolved
wthaemelt created an issue

Issue #385 describes some (up-to-now unsolved) deficiencies of the BRouter setup window when running QMS with Windows10.

The definition of the setup window is done in IRouterBRouterSetupWizard.ui. Here, the wizardStyle for QWizard is set to AeroStyle (line 26 in the file). When opening this file in Qt Designer (again under Windows!) then the issue with missing buttons at the bottom of the setup window is getting obvious.

Proposal: change the wizard style to ClassicStyle.

The implication of this change is in my case that the BRouter setup can now be carried out without any problems. All necessary buttons are visible and are working as expected. There is also an additional Back button, where I don't know, if this one is handled correctly.

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