os x: xml profile does not exist at start up

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klaas created an issue

hi ivo,

thanks for the os x binary, your time and work on it. qmapshack is really great and a bigtime follow up of qlandkarte.

my version, v1.3.1, which i downloaded just ahead takes really long at start up. i installed the freizeit karte (http://freizeitkarte-osm.de) as one img file but even before installing the map qmapshack took really long at boot up. attached you will find a screenshot of the error message. maybe you have a clue about it? i found nothing on the net or any way to fix it.


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  1. kiozen

    Just a few notes as background information:

    The message is caused by the Roution library. Routino needs a couple of XML files to read in configuration parameters and translations. To allow the user to change these files QMS is reading these files from the Routino installation. It works like this:

    1) CMake is searching and detecting the location of these files. If successfull it will store the path

    2) The path is passed to the compiler as define

    3) QMS is using the define to hardcode the path.

    If the path is missing on another system, probably because the installer forgot to install it, QMS will display that error message.

  2. Ivo Kronenberg

    For the OS-X Release the routino XML are within the bundle. Unfortunately I did not adjust the code for searrching the XML correctly. Currently the searaching of the XMLs is done for Linux and Windows differently, but not defined for OSX. Thus OSX uses the same searching as Linux. If the XML are in the same path as on my developing machine (correct place outside the OSX bundle) the program finds them. I will extend the AppSetup class with the XML Path for the three different OS implementations (Linux, Windows, OSX).

  3. Ivo Kronenberg

    @dc23: What hardware and OS-X are you using? On my 4 years old MacBook Pro with OS-X Yosemite the start of QMapShack takes about 2 seconds, loading a large map (e.g. OFM Alps, 1.4 Gb) takes 13 seconds.

  4. kiozen

    Thanks Ivo.

    btw. does the SSL issue on Windows also apply to OS X? The OpenSSL libraries missing? You will notice if the OSM TMS map does not display anything.

  5. klaas reporter

    Wow, thx everybody for fast and quality replys!

    Sounds like we are using a nearly same machine/, Ivo. I am using a 2 Ghz Intel Core i7 with a SSD and 8 GB RAM MacBook Pro on 10.9.5. And also the same map size, 1.4gb. The startup of qmapshack:

    1. Click to open, Logos shows up, counting to 30, nothing happens
    2. Clicking back in the Finder/Desktop, logos disappears, error as attached above shows up
    3. Click on "Abbrechen", qmapshack starts immediately which shown map within few seconds

    If i dont click back to the Finder nothing will happen a startup, just showing the logo.

  6. Ivo Kronenberg

    @dc23: Could it be, that the message stays behind the splash screen? Can you please start QMapShack on the command line with the n option (no splash screen)? type in prompt: /Applications/QMapShack.app/Contents/MacOS/QMapShack -n

    I'll try to reproduce the mentioned behavior. I have enough information.

  7. Ivo Kronenberg

    @kiozen: There is no OpenSSL library in the bundle. It might be the system (OS-X) contains already one. Otherwise I will have to bundle it too (should be easier than on windows).

  8. klaas reporter

    Jep, its seems to be behind the splash screen. Started from the command line the xml error displays up directly!

  9. Ivo Kronenberg

    The three XML files for routino are now in the bundle and the routino library configuration is set to the path inside the application bundle.

    A new version of the OS-X bundle including the fix can be downloaded in an few days in the download section.

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