Betreff: Pull request: customizable slope coloring

Issue #70 resolved
Emanuel Hudl created an issue

Hello, just installed new version: The sloped style looks like the last quarter is not visible.

My screen resolution is 1680x1050 , but it happens also with other resolutions.

I just looked at the screenshots at the pull request #12 - there it is fine.

Nice evening

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  1. kiozen

    Hard t to tell. On my two Linux systems everything is ok. The combobox has the default size policy. That should be fine.

    You can use Qt's designer to edit IDemPropSetup.ui. Maybe you can circle down the root cause.

  2. Christian Eichler

    I tried to reproduce this issue by using different QT styles, but neither Cleanlooks, nor Motif or Plastique cause this issue.

    Do you have this issue with these styles too? To start QMS with a different style, you need to append p.x. -style Motif as parameter to qmapshack.

    Just another guess: did you change your system's font or fontsize?

  3. Emanuel Hudl reporter

    So i played around with IDemPropSetup.ui and edited the QComboBox. Height is set with 25. Now it looks good, I also tried the hint with the styles - there the problem doesn't appear. Also i didn't change the system's font size.

    Thanks for your help!



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