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General actions

Working with databases

Import of GIS data

(valid starting with QMS patch version 52659732fc97 (2017-02-05))

Files with GIS data (e.g. GPX files) can be loaded as new projects

  • into the workspace (use the menu entry File - Load GIS data),
  • into a database (use context menu entry Import from files... of the database),
  • into a project of a database (use context menu entry Import from files... of the project of the database).

With the last 2 options the user can transfer quickly GIS data from a file to a database.

The name of a new project from a GPX file is the name saved in the GPX metadata part of the file or, if this name is missing, the file name.

Export database to GPX file

(valid starting with QMS patch version f2297514ff5f (2016-12-08))

The data of a whole database or one of its subfolders (project, group, other) can be saved into GPX files. To do so

  • right-click the database or folder name and select the context menu entry Export to GPX...,
  • the window that pops-up ("export window") allows to select the target folder and the type of GPX file wanted,
  • click the Start button to start the save operation.

Attention: Saving of big databases can take a while. The export window shows the progress of the operation and the storage location of each newly created folder and GPX file. Wait for the Done information in the export window!

If a database is saved a new folder is created in the selected target directory. Subfolders to this folder for projects and groups in the database are created - if necessary - to mirror the tree structure of the database. Data items (waypoints, tracks, routes) in a database folder are saved into a GPX file having the name of the folder to which they belong.

If a subfolder (project or group) of a database is saved then this rule is applied similarly.

Working with projects

Merge projects

Source: gmane.comp.gis.qlandkartegt

With QMapShack version 1.6.1 or later:

  • Load all stuff you want to have in a single project into the workspace (possibly resulting in several new projects).
  • Zoom the map window so that all data of interest can be seen on the map.
  • Right click on the map window and choose Select Items on Map.
  • Follow the instructions displayed and select whatever data you want to have in one project.
  • When the selection is finished, click Copy all selected items to a project icon.
  • Select or create the destination project.
  • Remove all unnecessary projects from the workspace.

If you use a database you do not have to load all data of a project. You can load only the items needed. Additionally, if you store a newly created project into the database you do not need to clone (duplicate) the data.

In the same way all the contents of one project can be dragged into another project.

Copy project

Source: QMS newsgroup thread

To move a project from the workspace into a group in a database and keep the workspace project name proceed as follows:

  • Right click on the project folder in the workspace and select Copy to...
  • Enter the name you want it to have in the database
  • Select the destination database and in the next dialog the location in the database

Save project

  • Save a single workspace project:

    When saving a project from the workspace, exactly the project data displayed in the workspace is saved. Remark: If the project belongs to a database then the user can select the data to be displayed in the workspace. The part of the project data not selected for display is not saved by this method! Right-click on the project name in the workspace Select one of the Save ... menu entries in the context menu of the project * If Save is selected then the project is saved in the form selected when the project was created (QMS or GPX file or database file). * If Save as ... is selected then the user can decide if the project should be saved as QMS or as GPX file. * If Save as GPX 1.1 w/o ext... is selected then the project is saved as GPX file without extensions (compare section "Which track data is saved in GPX files?")

  • Save all projects in workspace:

    Select menu entry File - Save all GIS data or press CTRL-S. Depending on the type of the project (QMS, GPX or database) the data is saved to a file or to a database.

  • Save (export) project as part of a database:

    See section "Export database to GPX file"!

Edit project and get summary information

Right-click on a project name in the workspace window and select the menu entry Edit from the context menu to open a window where you can edit project metadata and to view a summary of the data contained in the project.

Project edit window

In this window (called also roadbook) you can edit the name and the description of the project and you can add some keywords and links to it.

A track summary shows for each activity assigned to the tracks the total length, ascent/descent, duration and some other information.

A waypoint summary informs about the number of geocaches and waypoints in the project per geocache/waypoint type.

More details about the track information in the roadbook are described here.

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