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Working with track graphs

Zoom track graphs

(valid starting with QMS patch version b9235da (18.11.2016))

The edit window of a track can show up to 3 graphs displaying the track profile and at most 2 of the 3 features progress,
speed and slope.

The initial scaling of the graphs is so that the whole graph/track data can be seen.

All graph scales allow horizontal and vertical zooming with the mouse wheel as follows:

  • move the mouse pointer on a graph,
  • use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the horizontal and on the vertical scale at the same time,
  • press the CTRL key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the vertical scale only,
  • press the ALT key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the horizontal scale only.

A red vertical or horizontal line at the scales shows how much of the whole scale is actually displayed in the graph.

If only part of the graph is displayed (red line is shorter than the whole scale) then the graph can be moved by
pressing the left mouse button, moving the mouse vertically or horizontally and releasing the mouse button.

Select a scale range for track data display

When displaying track graphs in the track edit window or when using different colors on a track shown in a map window
the user can select a scale range. There are 3 different strategies for such a selection that can be chosen by a click on
the respective icon in the Graphs resp. Style tabs of the edit window:

  • User defined limits for this track
  • Automatic limits
  • User defined limits for all tracks

A separate range can be defined for each of the available data fields.

When selecting Automatic limits the QMS sets the range from the minimum to the maximum value of the data field in
the given track.

When selecting User defined limits for all tracks then initially the latest used settings are displayed which can
be changed by the user. A change will affect every track for which this option was selected for the given data field.
Remark: Other already open track edit windows won't be updated when changing the settings for the given track.
The user should re-open them.

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