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A waypoint is a coordinate with data attached. This can be a point of interest, a geocache or a georeferenced image. If you move the mouse close enough to a waypoint it gets highlighted by a red circle:

Waypoint Highlight

If you click on the highlighted waypoint you get a short on-screen-summary of the waypoint information and a toolbar with a few options:


Edit/Details Edit/Show Details Show details of the waypoint and edit attached data.
Copy Copy Copy the waypoint into another project.
Delete Delete Delete the waypoint. This also deletes data associated with the waypoint, such as photos.
Show Bubble Show Bubble When enabled, the waypoint's content is shown as a static bubble.
Move Move Move the waypoint to another location.
Project Project Project the waypoint - This is copying the waypoint and to move to copy a given distance and bearing
Set elevation Replace elevation Replace waypoint elevation with elevation from DEM data
Edit proximity Edit proximity Edit/set proximity radius of waypoint (graphically)
Delete proximity Delete proximity Delete proximity radius of waypoint
No-go Set no-go Activate/deactivate proximity range as no-go area
Search web Search web Search for information about the waypoint position on selected websites

EditDetails View / Edit Details

Waypoint Details

Icon Icon Shows the currently selected Icon / provides a list of available Icon when clicked
Tainted Tainted When shown, the Waypoint was imported and modified (for details see Waypoints, Tracks & Co)
Lock Locked When shown, the Waypoint is locked - that is cannot be modified until unlocked (for details see Waypoints, Tracks & Co)

In addition, the waypoint's position, elevation and a text browser to display links, description and comment are shown. These can be changed by clicking on the blue, underlined labels.

Custom Icons

QMapShack ships with a bunch of default icons, which are likely to be displayed correctly on the most GPS devices.

If you want to use your own icons, you need to add them to

  • ~/.config/QLandkarte/WaypointIcons (*nix-type systems)
  • c:\Users\my_user_name\.config\QLandkarte\WaypointIcons (Windows)
  • ??? (OSX)

Icon files must be in PNG or BMP format with size 22x22.

When adding an icon Photo.png, the icon will be listed as Photo in QMapShack.

The Photo Album

In addition to general information, such as position, name and a description, QMapShack allows attaching photos to a waypoint. This functionality comes with several limitations, as it is primarily meant to provide a quick overview over the specific location - it is not intended to organize your collection of photos.

Add Image Add (a) new image(s) Imports one or more new images. Photos are scaled down on import
Del Image Delete selected image Remove selected image (i.e. the image with the yellow frame)

Photos are not exported to GPX. Use either a Database or the QMS format for saving photos along with waypoints.

WptMove Move Waypoint

(valid starting with QMS patch version 676511d9ba16 (2016-12-22))

To move a waypoint to a new location

  • left-click the waypoint on the map.
  • Select the Move waypoint to new location icon from the info window that pops-up.
  • The mouse cursor changes to the Move icon.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the new location (don't click).
  • The distance of the new to the old waypoint and the direction of change are shown.
  • If the new location is not in the map view: left-click on the map and don't release the mouse button.
  • The map is attached to the mouse.
  • Move the map to the wanted location and release the mouse button.
  • The map is fixed again.
  • Move the mouse to the wanted new location of the waypoint.
  • Left-click to fix the new position of the waypoint.

Move Waypoint

WptProj Project Waypoint

Different to moving the waypoint this will create a clone of the waypoint. You have to give an explicit distance and bearing the waypoint is moved. You might want to change the icon and the name.

Project Waypoint


(valid starting with QMS patch version 4b38874cbd9d (2019-01-20))

Geocaches are waypoints with special additional information. If this additional information is saved in a typical <groundspeak:cache> extension block of a waypoint in a GPX file, it can be displayed by QMS.

The waypoint icon shows the type of the geocache (traditional cache, multi-cache, virtual cache, webcam cache, ...).

The edit window differs from the one of a normal waypoint. It displays the additional geocache information in read-only mode using several tabs:

Geocache info window

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