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Read this if you want to report a bug.


Feature requests are managed using the Bitbucket Issue page.

Keep in mind that you are asking a stranger to spend time/work for you - be kind and try to support him/her as good as you can.

Things to include in your request

Try to be as accurate as possible; don't assume we'll just "know".

The request should be self-contained, avoid untraceable references (such as as discussed on IRC).

  1. Give a detailed description of what you want and why it is of general interest (in your opinion). Just because software XYZ does it, is a bad reason.
  2. Sketch in detail how you think the feature should be integrated into the GUI or the workflow.
  3. If possible, provide ressources (such as icons) required when implementing your feature.

Do not assign the feature request to anyone! It will be assigned when someone volunteers to implement it.

Implement it yourself

Your best chance to get a new feature is to implement it on your own (see section Developing QMapShack).

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