Slack + Bamboo

Slack Notifications for Bamboo

This plugin sends Bamboo notifications to Slack.

You can get it here

It allows any Bamboo notification to be posted to a specific slack room.

This plugin allows you to take advantage of Bamboo's:

  • flexible notification system (ie tell me when this build fails more than 5 times!)
  • commenting (comments show up in the chatroom so everyone can see someone's working on the build)

Notifications Supported

  • Build successful
  • Build failed
  • Build commented
  • Job hung
  • Job queue timeout


  1. Go to the Notifications tab of the Configure Plan screen.
  2. Choose a Recipient Type of Slack
  3. Configure your Slack Web hook URL : generate a new one here
  4. Configure your Channel Name (to post message to):
    • if not configured, will post to the channel configured by the web-hook,
    • to post to a different room, give the room name, for example #my-room (prefix by #),
    • to post to a specific user, give the user name, for example @user (prefix by @).
  5. You're done! Go and get building.

Compiling from source

You first need to Set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK. Or you could just do a brew tap atlassian/tap; brew install atlassian/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk on a mac is you use HomeBrew... At the project top level (where the pom.xml is) :

  1. Compile : atlas-mvn compile
  2. Run : atlas-run
  3. Debug : atlas-debug

Feedback? Questions?

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