django-treebeard / CHANGES

Full commit

Release tip

* Added admin i18n contributed by
  Included translations: es, ru
* Fixed a bug when trying to introspect the database engine used in Django 1.2+
  while using new style db settings (DATABASES). Added
  Node.get_database_engine to deal with this.

Release 1.60 (Apr 18, 2010)

* Added get_annotated_list, contributed by Alexey Kinyov
* Complete revamp of the documentation. It's now divided in sections for easier
  reading, and the package includes .rst files instead of the html build.
* Added raw id fields support in the admin
* Fixed to make it work in 2.4 again
* The correct ordering in NS/MP trees is now enforced in the queryset.
* Cleaned up code, removed some unnecessary statements.
* Tests refactoring, to make it easier to spot the model being tested.
* Fixed support of trees using proxied models. It was broken due to a bug in
* Fixed a bug in add_child when adding nodes to a non-leaf in sorted MP.
* There are now 648 unit tests. Test coverage is 96%
* This will be the last version compatible with Django 1.0. There will be a
  a 1.6.X branch maintained for urgent bug fixes, but the main development will
  focus on recent Django versions.

Release 1.52 (Dec 18, 2009)

* Really fixed the installation of templates.

Release 1.51 (Dec 16, 2009)

* Forgot to include treebeard/tempates/\*.html in

Release 1.5 (Dec 15, 2009)

New features added

* Forms

  - Added MoveNodeForm

* Django Admin

  - Added TreeAdmin

* MP_Node

  - Added 2 new checks in MP_Node.find_problems():

    4. a list of ids of nodes with the wrong depth value for
       their path
    5. a list of ids nodes that report a wrong number of children

  - Added a new (safer and faster but less comprehensive) MP_Node.fix_tree()

* Documentation

  - Added warnings in the documentation when subclassing MP_Node or NS_Node
    and adding a new Meta.

  - HTML documentation is now included in the package.
  - CHANGES file and section in the docs.

* Other changes:

  - script to build documentation

  - updated

Bugs fixed

* Added table quoting to all the sql queries that bypass the ORM.
  Solves bug in postgres when the table isn't created by syncdb.

* Removing unused method NS_Node._find_next_node
* Fixed MP_Node.get_tree to include the given parent when given a leaf node

Release 1.1 (Nov 20, 2008)

Bugs fixed

* Added

Release 1.0 (Nov 19, 2008)

* First public release.