wtforms / tests /

from unittest import TestCase

from wtforms import Form, TextField
from wtforms import validators as v

class Lower_Translator(object):
    """A fake translator that just converts everything to lowercase."""

    def gettext(self, s):
        return s.lower()

    def ngettext(self, singular, plural, n):
        if n == 1:
            return singular.lower()
            return plural.lower()

class MyFormBase(Form):
    def _get_translations(self):
        return Lower_Translator()

class DummyTranslationsTest(TestCase):
    class F(Form):
        a = TextField(validators=[v.Length(max=5)])

    def setUp(self):
        self.a = self.F().a

    def test_gettext(self):
        x = u"foo"
        self.assert_(self.a.gettext(x) is x)

    def test_ngettext(self):
        getit = lambda n: self.a.ngettext(u"antelope", u"antelopes", n)
        self.assertEqual(getit(0), u"antelopes")
        self.assertEqual(getit(1), u"antelope")
        self.assertEqual(getit(2), u"antelopes")

class TranslationsTest(TestCase):
    class F(MyFormBase):
        a = TextField('', [v.Length(max=5)])

    def test_validator_translation(self):
        form = self.F(a='hellobye')
        self.assert_(not form.validate())
        self.assertEquals(form.a.errors[0], u'field cannot be longer than 5 characters.')
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