Marc-Aurèle Brothier committed 06a795a

Removed duplicate signal user_activated sent from the default backend view. It's the modification discussed in pull request #46, in the correct file.

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File registration/backends/default/

         Given an an activation key, look up and activate the user
         account corresponding to that key (if possible).
-        After successful activation, the signal
-        ``registration.signals.user_activated`` will be sent, with the
-        newly activated ``User`` as the keyword argument ``user`` and
-        the class of this backend as the sender.
         activated_user = RegistrationProfile.objects.activate_user(activation_key)
-        if activated_user:
-            signals.user_activated.send(sender=self.__class__,
-                                        user=activated_user,
-                                        request=request)
         return activated_user
     def get_success_url(self, request, user):