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Thomas Waldmann  committed 31aff62

backrefs: remove some unused code

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     :type item_name: unicode
     :returns: a page with all the items which link or transclude item_name
-    refs_here = _backrefs(flaskg.storage.iteritems(), item_name)
+    refs_here = _backrefs(item_name)
     return render_template('item_link_list.html',
                            headline=_(u'Refers Here'),
-def _backrefs(items, item_name):
+def _backrefs(item_name):
     Returns a list with all names of items which ref item_name
-    :param items: all the items
-    :type items: iteratable sequence
     :param item_name: the name of the item transcluded or linked
     :type item_name: unicode
     :returns: the list of all items which ref item_name