indexing module - clean up

Issue #19 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

We can remove some stuff that is already replaced by stuff based on whoosh.

important: run unit tests and do manual wiki tests often, to avoid breaking something.

  1. remove ItemIndex.history

  2. after this, kvstore looks like unused, remove everything related to it (remove kvstore module in a separate changeset afterwards)

(there is another issue about using dynamic fields to replace kvstore's intended usage for arbitrary metadata indexing)

  1. remove ItemIndex.all_tags

  2. remove ItemIndex.tagged_items

  3. remove get_uuid_revno_name (unused)

  4. comment get_item_id_whoosh (unused)

  5. check update_item / remove_item - do we need them? there are currently unused *_whoosh variants of them.

  6. check index_rebuild stuff - do we need it still? can we just use the script to rebuild the index?

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