marchon  committed ba46f81

update to fix argument not passed to 'silk skel site'

second parameter - (site name) not being passed from the command line

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     args = sys.argv
         cmd = args[1]
+        xargs = args[2] 
         # If a command is provided by cmd_map, use that.  Else pass through to
         # fabric.
             # then call the local function in cmd_map.
             os.environ['SILK_ROLE'] = app_container.get_role() or ''
             os.environ['SILK_ROOT'] = app_container.get_site_root(os.getcwd()) or ''
-            cmd_map[cmd]()
+            cmd_map[cmd](xargs)
             # Use project-provided fabfile if present, else the one built into
             # Silk.  We'll have to trust that the project file imports ours.