Copyright 2016 Marcin Pilipczuk
Licensed under GNU GPLv3.

An implementation of feedback vertex set FPT algorithm(s) for
PACE Challenge 2016.

Full description of the implemented algorithm can be found in docs/ dir.

How to run?
  cmake .

The output executable is fvs_pace_challenge.
Apart from the required -s option (which does not do anything in fact)
it supports:
  -f <filename>
    redirectes <filename> on standard input
    prints help message

Accessing algorithm description
There is a LaTeX source file docs/description.tex with BibTeX file
docs/references.bib. After the command cmake ., you can type make doc
to produce docs/description.pdf (provided you have pdflatex installed).

There are some extras I found useful while developing
./fvs_diagnose -f <filename>
applies simple reductions to the test, prints some diagnostics, and
then tries to approximate treewidth.

A simple tool to check if the output is a feasible solution.

./ and ./
Scripts for running or inspecting tests (see code for specific options). 

All raports and comparisons I have done while developing.