Powershell script for default settings in new Hyper-V 2012 R2/2016 instalations


  • Marcin Bojko -


This script adds required Windows features and firewall settings as well. Also, install Chocolatey provider, installs doublecmd and sysinternals package, installs and cofigures Puppet Agent for WIndows (3.x or 4.x)


2016-10-13 version 1.17

  • checked with official Hyper-V 2016 versions

2016-10-11 version 1.16

  • added powershell (5.0) to the list of installed packages
  • added variable for puppet package name (Puppet3 or Puppet4) for chocolatey
  • added '--allow-empty-checksums' for Chocolatey packages install
  • fixed bug in parsing PUPPET_MASTER_SERVER variable

2016-09-27 version 1.15

  • changed filtering of network interfaces to exclude microsoft virtual network interfaces

2016-08-25 version 1.14

  • added features for chocolatey due to changes in 0.10.0
  • first test with Hyper-V 2016 TP5

2016-07-13 version 1.13

  • switched to variables in some code parts

2016-06-21 version 1.12

  • added values for JumboPacket and VMQ disable
  • improved logic for adding computer to domain

2016-06-10 version 1.10

  • switched to Powershell v3 for whole script
  • switched from .cmd extension to .ps1

2016-06-06 version 1.09

  • Syntax checking for Group Rules Firewall Install
  • switch to Powershell for the rest of the script

2016-05-25 version 1.08

  • Switching to PowerShell for firewall features.
  • Install chocolatey at the end


  • at least one configured network interface (IP/Subnet/GW/DNS)
  • installation source left on (usb/dvd) - required for winsxs folder


powershell .\default_set.ps1

Optional Items to disable

  • Enable/Disable Jumbo frames (may be skipped)
  • Install chocolatey provider
  • Install additional packages (doublecmd, sysinternals)