Author Commit Message Date Builds
akhet fixes - added colored formatter - cleaned up inis - refactored commands because it's restricted command in python and it messes up
Added pluggable commands system to paster inspired by django management commands - overrall project fixes - added version prompt to interactive setup - upgraded create_db script with some fancy options - version bump - fixed deprecation for paster templates
- added pyramid_debugtoolbar - fixed requirements
Marcin Kuzminski
merge with command fixes
Marcin Kuzminski
Fixed deprecation warnings in pyramid 1.2
Marcin Kuzminski
Ben Bangert
Update production ini as well
Ben Bangert
More crypto tweaks
Ben Bangert
Add pyramid_mailer and crypto session options.
Marcin Kuzminski
merge with latest akhet
Added tag v1.0.2 for changeset 1a13f0c9a754
Adjust app skeleton to match fix in 1.0.1.
Some missed documentation details for Akhet 1.0.1.
Fix malformed tag "v1.0b2".
Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset d992801476f9
Explain how to install and uninstall the application.
Install the generated application's requirements and generate its egg_info.
Adjust test for bugfix.
Marcin Kuzminski
Extended create_db script with drop parameter
Marcin Kuzminski
Changed the way create tables work. It's now possible to call it multiple times, and only not created tables from models are generated. It's much flexible approach than raising exception.
Marcin Kuzminski
Added engine creation to create_db script, most of users don't needed but when you plan to use more than one engine and bind engines to Base classes, given script will break. This will fix that and will not break regular codes.
Bump version to 1.0.1.
Bug in ````: returns wrong value.
Reword docs.
Docs 1.0.
Fix HTML to pass W3C validator.
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