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     The :class:`.MigrationContext` that's established for a 
     duration of a migration command is available via the 
-    :attr:`.EnvironmentContext.migration_context` datamember,
+    :meth:`.EnvironmentContext.get_context` method,
     which is available at ``alembic.context``::
         from alembic import context
-        migration_context = context.migration_context
+        migration_context = context.get_context()
     A :class:`.MigrationContext` can be created programmatically
     for usage outside of the usual Alembic migrations flow,
         in :ref:`sqlexpression_toplevel` as well as 
         for usage with the :meth:`sqlalchemy.schema.Table.create`
         and :meth:`sqlalchemy.schema.MetaData.create_all` methods
-        of :class:`.Table`, :class:`.MetaData`.
+        of :class:`~sqlalchemy.schema.Table`, :class:`~sqlalchemy.schema.MetaData`.
         Note that when "standard output" mode is enabled, 
         this bind will be a "mock" connection handler that cannot

File alembic/operations.py

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                 rel_t.append_column(schema.Column(cname, NULLTYPE))
     def get_context(self):
-        """Return the :class:`.MigrationsContext` object that's
+        """Return the :class:`.MigrationContext` object that's
         currently in use.
         """Return the current 'bind'.
         Under normal circumstances, this is the 
-        :class:`sqlalchemy.engine.Connection` currently being used
+        :class:`~sqlalchemy.engine.base.Connection` currently being used
         to emit SQL to the database.
         In a SQL script context, this value is ``None``. [TODO: verify this]

File docs/build/api.rst

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 is said to be *configured* with database connectivity, available via
 a new :class:`.MigrationContext` object.   The :class:`.MigrationContext`
 is associated with the :class:`.EnvironmentContext` object
-via the :attr:`.EnvironmentContext.migration_context` datamember.
+via the :meth:`.EnvironmentContext.get_context` method.
 Finally, ``env.py`` calls upon the :meth:`.EnvironmentContext.run_migrations`
 method.   Within this method, a new :class:`.Operations` object, which

File docs/build/ops.rst

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 objects.  This so that migration instructions can be 
 given in terms of just the string names and/or flags involved.   
 The exceptions to this
-rule include the :meth:`~.Operations.add_column` and :func:`~.Operations.create_table`
+rule include the :meth:`~.Operations.add_column` and :meth:`~.Operations.create_table`
 directives, which require full :class:`~sqlalchemy.schema.Column`
 objects, though the table metadata is still generated here.