Permit "." (dot) character in the user name.

Issue #102 resolved
opusmagnum created an issue

Hi, I just tried RhodeCode with my existing LDAP server. My uids are in form "firstname.lastname". I used Base DN "uid=%(user)s" (by the way: Why is it "Base DN" and not just DN?) without Account/Password. The Authentication is working, the neu user could be edited under Admin/usesrs, but could not be saved because of validation message: "Username may only contain alphanumeric characters underscores or dashes and must begin with alphanumeric character"

1) It is common praxis to use firstname.lastname as uid in LDAP. Could you permit the . character in user names.

2) It would be also nice to take the email from the existing LDAP account into the neu created account.

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