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Issue #119 resolved

Large repo and statistics is really slow

created an issue

I just installed RhodeCode on our somewhat large HG repo (~12K changesets). The goal is to replace HGWeb which is slow on our repo and does not seem to permit certain operations concurrently, so it locks some users. Am I right that RhodeCode will be faster and permits concurrent access?

With statistics enabled, RhodeCode is really slow and also consumes a lot of ram. In the statistics, it says that ~15% of the statistics are available and it is consuming ~4GB of ram. There is a single user on the repo now since it is only for testing.

Disabling the statistics makes RhodeCode a lot faster. BTW, I did not deploy RhodeCode with Celery, yet.

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  1. striker69 reporter

    Thanks for the info. I installed RabbitMQ and configured it. I can see the connections established with RhodeCode:

    2011-02-26 18:37:46.918 INFO [rhodecode.lib.celerylib] running task eb6f2b45-ba5c-415c-96ba-d1e4a676510e:<Task: rhodecode.lib.celerylib.tasks.get_commits_stats>

    However, nothing seemd to be happening on the RabbitMQ side. No statistics are being generated. When I select "Reset current statistics" I see:

    2011-02-26 18:43:39.835 INFO [paste.httpserver.ThreadPool] kill_hung_threads status: 5 threads (3 working, 2 idle, 0 starting) ave time 0.01sec, max time 0.03sec, killed 0 workers

    Any idea what this may be? Is this a permission issues? The repo is readable by everyone.


  2. striker69 reporter

    It worked well, but I had to set the max.tasks.per.child = 1 so that memory would not run out.

    Now, I just need to figure out 2 things: 1- Configuration for Active Directory. I found this https://bitbucket.org/marcinkuzminski/rhodecode/issue/108/better-ldap-authentication but I still haven't found the right Base DN string... working on it. 2- Configure HTTPS. I already have everything configured in Apache (HTTPS & LDAP/AD integration), but I need to make it work with RhodeCode.

    Any pointers? Thanks!

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